Tutor at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate Courses

  • History of Christianity as a World Religion tutor (2020-21 Semester I)
  • Religion, Violence, and Peacebuilding tutor (2020-21 Semester II)
  • Global Indigenous Religions (2021-22 Semester II)
  • Christian Theology: Debates and Doctrines (2022-23 Semester I)
  • History of Christianity as a World Religion (2022-23 Semester II)
  • Christian Theology: Approaches and Themes (2023-24 Semester I)
Online Lecturer, APOLLOS PROJECT of Torch Trinity Graduate University

Apollos Project is a theological education programme for theological graduates serving as leaders in ministries. The (online) education programme is hosted on-site for the students in seminaries in Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, and Burundi. The programme serves an average total of 160 ministers each semester. The responsibilities for each semester include designing and building syllabus, delivering lectures (40 lecture hours), organising interactive media content to be shared through online platforms, and online discussions with students (10 total hours).

Subjects taught so far:

Upcoming topics (till 2024):

  • Hermeneutics,
  • World Christianity.
Guest Lecturer

Faith Mission Bible College (FMBC). “Mission History: Perspectives from Asia.” 2020-21